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Linspect Info allows you to retrieve important information and parameters from your Linux/Unix server without knowing much about the system. It uses a secure SSH connection, so as you do not expose sensitive information (e.g. passwords) to other users on your LAN or across the Internet. It runs under Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K.



Linspect Info introduces a "one click" visual interface to Linux systems which allows you to easily retrieve the necessary information from your server within seconds. Setup implies only 3 parameters - IP number (or a name) of the Linux/Unix server, login name and password.

Instead of logging into the Linux system and running various commands manually, you can get the same information using pre-configured sets of commands in Linspect Info. It will do the job for you. With just one click you can find out what is current CPU load, how many users are in, what networking interfaces are up and running, what is the hardware configuration of the server, what processes are running and which of them are most active.

  Linspect info stores its configuration information (server name, login/password) in a standard XML file, so as you can create many different server groups.

System requirements: the server must run SSH (preferably on port 22) - which, however, is a standard.

Main features and advantages include the following:

  • An effective way of getting system information from your Linux server (such as hardware info, storage and memory capacity, load average, networking information, user information, services etc.)

  • Secure SSH connection and authentication, ready for the Internet environment

  • Easy to use visual interface with simple setup

  • No need of Unix/Linux system knowledge

  • Organizing servers into groups (XLM based configuration file)

  • No need of additional server-side installation or configuration

  • All the bug reports and user suggestions are taken into consideration when a new version is going to be released, so the product becomes more reliable, useful and effective

  • The size of the whole installation package is less than 1 MB

  • Linspect Info is a freeware. You can download it and use it free of charge

If you find Linspect Info useful or if you wish to add more functionality to it, just send us your suggestions. We will try to incorporate most popular suggestions / improvements into the software, so as it becomes even more powerful.


  Current version: 1.1

Requirements: Windows 9x/XP/2000/NT, a Linux server running ssh, standard unix shell with a "xxx $ " or "xxx # " prompt (e.g. bash, "xxx" being any string).

Download (500 kB)

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