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Linspect Commander is a software utility for Windows. It allows you to execute commands on remote Linux or Unix servers over an SSH-secured connection without logging in and running the commands manually.

Linspect Commander can be useful for system administrators and programmers who often need to restart various server-side components (servers, daemons or other running programs) in order to do the development/debugging. It comes really handy even if you are setting up a Linux/Unix system and need to restart e.g. Samba, Tomcat, or the whole server to apply the new configuration.



Linspect Commander allows you to execute commands on remote Linux/Unix systems by clicking buttons on your Windows desktop. It is secure and easy to use.

Using Linspect Commander you can set up commands you use most frequently and run them just by choosing a server from the list and clicking a desired command button. Upon executing a command you will also see the output it produces in the console window. This way you can easily find out e.g. what is the current status of a running server system (who is logged in, what is in the access log etc.). You can also customize each command and save your preferences for future use.

Linspect Commander does not keep the connection open. It connects to a server just when you execute a command. It waits for the output (or for a timeout of 15 seconds) and disconnects from the server. 

System requirements: Windows 9x/2k/XP networked machine, and possibly an access to a server running SSH, so as you can try executing some remote commands.

Main features and advantages include the following:

  • A very fast and comfortable way of executing remote commands and receiving the output.

  • Secure SSH connection and authentication, ready for the Internet environment

  • Easy to use visual interface with simple setup

  • List of servers stored in a standard XML configuration file

  • No need of server-side installation or configuration 

  • The size of the whole installation package is less than 1 MB

  • Linspect Commander is freeware. You can download it and use it free of charge

If you find Linspect Commander useful or if you wish to add more functionality to it, just send us your suggestions. We will try to implement most popular suggestions / improvements into the software, so as it becomes even more powerful.


  Current version: 1.1

Requirements: Windows 9x/XP/2000/NT. Access to a server running SSH1 or SSH2.

Download (600 kB)

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